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S!J in Maine

I was at bird camp this summer in Maine, the greatest state, (yes I said bird camp) and mind you, us Jews, or at least the ones I know, aren't known for being particularly outdoorsy. Excepting myself, I don't think any of my Jewish friends even have pets. Anyway, I spent the week on an gorgeous island goigng for hikes and kayaking trips with 12 other people, 8 of whom I soon discovered were Jewish or related to Jews. Green Jews!

S!J in Trenton

Once I went on a school trip to this outdoor sculpture park called Grounds for Sculpture (amazing place, check it out). It has a lot of abstract, objective pieces made of metal and I-beams or cast bronze and stone. I was on a guided tour with my art class and we came upon one sculpture on the grounds, the only one made out of wood, that consisted of 5 twisty-carved trees in a pentagon, with a taller one in the center, all connected at the top by long branches. My friends and I thought it was pretty cool and asked the guide about it. He said the sculpture was called "Baruch Hashem." Artsy Jews!

S!J at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were in Lancaster because my dad had to sing in a show. My mom and I explored the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for the day, which was a ton of fun and I reccomend it highly. My mom wanted to get a Coke and I wanted to look at a shop that was selling really awesome full-sized swords, and so I wandered towards the prettiest one I could find--a long, flat sword with a completely gold hilt and red stones in it. As I got closer, I noticed that there was a Star of David on the pommel, and a menorah on the crossguard. Fightin' Jews!

S!J in Central Park

Last spring me and two friends went into New York City for the day, just to kick around, eat at Ellen's Stardust Diner, and ride the carousel in Central Park (over and over again). We wanted to find a good place to sit on the rocks and enjoy the sun and the passing carriage horses, and so were cutting across the lawns in between paths. As we crested one rise, and looked down into the field below us, we were amused to find a large group of Hassidic jews playing baseball. We stood around and watched for awhile. It was awesome. :)

Welcome to Surprise!Jews

Hey all, and welcome to Surprise!Jews, the community of serendipitous discovery of Jew-o-philia and references to Judaism in unexpected places.

Those of us who live in the metropolitan area, who are even Jewish ourselves, may not be as surprised ot find Jews in their everyday life as some of our Midwestern or Southern neighbors, but it still happens, BELIEVE ME.

To give you a small idea of the great happiness and hilarity that can be brought about by Surprise!Jews in your every day life, I'll post a couple of examples to get us going. Please, share your stories! I hope this encourages us all to be more observant of the Jew-awesome that stumbled unexpectedly into all of our lives.